To place orders from the HipbyMBlock site, all customers must have an account with M.Block & Sons, Inc.

For EXISTING accounts with M.Block & Sons, register for access to the HipbyMBlock site by filling out this Registration Form.

For NEW accounts please fill out this application to become an M. Block & Sons Retailer.

Once we have received your registration or application, you will receive an e-mail within 2 business days containing instructions for setting your password for the site. If there are any questions regarding your request, a representative from our Customer Service team will contact you. To check the status of your account please email us at

Once the order is placed, an email will be sent with the Order # and a link containing a copy of the receipt.

Any time after an order has been placed, the customer can log back into the website to view the status of an order by selecting Customer Account at the top of the site.

The account dashboard will contain View My Order History/Status which will list all orders. By selecting Order Details, the status of any sub-order can be selected.

The Order Details page will show the status of the suborder (Pending, Processing, Canceled, or Shipped). An order is Pending until the MBlock Order ID is obtained, and then the status changes to Processing. If the sub-order is on back order, the box will be checked in the Back Ordered column. Once a sub-order ships, an email will be sent with the tracking number(s) and receipt of the order. Cancelled orders will receive an email from customer service as well.

If at any time there are questions about an order, the customer can contact customer service at (800) 621-8845 or email

Rather than adding items directly to the shopping cart, you have the option of adding any item to the My List feature of this site. The My List feature will allow you to review the items added to the list and determine which ones you'd like to add to the shopping cart. The Add to My List button is located next to the Add to Cart button on each product page.

To access the My List Section, click on the Customer Account link at the top of the site.

In the My List section of the Customer Account page, select View My List to view items already added to your My List page. Items can be added from to the shopping cart by selecting the check box, and entering the amount desired for purchase in the Quantity field. Use the Add to Cart button to add the selected items to the shopping cart. This feature can be especially useful when making repeat orders or creating groups of items.

Items added to My List can also be Group Lists. To create a Group List, go to the My List section of the Customer Account page, select View Group List. Enter a name for your new group and select the Add Group button. Once the group has been created, items can be added to the group from the My List page by selecting the desired items, select the appropriate group using the Select Group pulldown menu, and selecting Add To Group using the Select Action pulldown menu.

View PDF option on the Group List will generate a .pdf document with images & product details of the items currently listed in the group.

The Export My List feature will export a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which will list all of the items currently listed in your My List.

Once your retailer account has been set up at M. Block and Sons with access to this site, you may have as many additional logins as you need. Logins are tied to e-mail addresses, so each team member with an e-mail address can have their own login.

There are two options for obtaining additional logins:

  1. Fill out the Registration Form again for each e-mail address that needs a login.
  2. Contact our Customer Service team at with your account number and the e-mail address(es) you would like to have a login.

To remove items from the shopping cart, you must first click the checkbox to the left of the item you wish to remove. A checkmark will appear next to the item. Next click the "Update" button to remove it from the shopping cart.

Customers and Sales Reps can upload purchase orders when completing their checkout experience. On the Review Order page, at the bottom near the "Purchase" button, there are 3 input areas to upload required or requested paperwork.

Please do not upload any credit card forms or any type of credit card information to your order.

For order related questions, please contact Hip by MBlock Customer Service at

Click here to download our helpful How To Guide

If you have additional questions, please contact customer service at (800) 621-8845 or email